Big Brand Strategy Drives the Business Value of Enterprises

Form brand features and empower brand value. With years experience of providing valuable service, DDBranding supports enterprises in realizing commercial goal and provides tailored service for clients.

Big Brand Strategy is the notion of enhancing brand to business development. Building the brand form the perspective of whole strategy and thinking, we encourage all employees and talents to build brand.

Big Brand Strategy supports the transformation and upgrading of service companies.

The essence of business for each company is to build a brand and promote it. While design companies belong to service companies, whose main philosophy is to promote brands and build value. In this way, management can be the strong back-up for promoting brands and serving design.

Big Brand Strategy enhance business development and operation.

Big Brand Strategy is born to be a creation of Chinese Brands in the context of global brands development. With R&D and practice of Big Brand Strategy in a long-term, we provide systematic brand development plan. We provide excellent service with professional talents, working hard to realize the success of clients. We also establish brand platform, collecting professional wisdom and providing professional service.


Within this strategy, the function of the brand changes from one part of promotion to superior brand strategy. As one of the operation strategy and operation principle, we follow this philosophy to serve business development and operation. Our practices prove that brand can support business to realize commercial goal.

Big Brand Strategy is the core channel between business and clients.

Smile-graph is the fruit of our founder - Melody, who has dived into the brand management of B2B over ten years. And this has been tested and functioned in more than 60 famous design companies in China.


We put brand as an important channel for businesses and clients, and intensify the close relationship between brands and commerce. With Big Brand Strategy, we emphasize that the brand is the gathering of all images of enterprises. Therefore, the power of brand is of vital importance and should be build into a systematic one. Besides service, the B2B service companies also provide everything related to their brand. In this way, everything in the companies including boss can be regarded as the symbol of brand, and should be managed in a suitable way.

Brand development and operation system, Realize value for each brand.

With consideration of nowadays environment, we hold the opinion of changing trendy thoughts to valuable one. The true brand development and transformation lies in the way you create value for your clients, which is the foundation of the thrust between us and clients. Meanwhile, we help business build core ideas of brand and improve their uniqueness in the whole industry.


DDBranding has an in-depth insight and interpretation of industry and market. With consideration of present development of enterprise, we provide systematic solutions and practical guidance covering strategy and execution. The first step of our service for design companies is to build brand strategy and target position, which belong to the basic logic thoughts. On this basis, we endeavor to realize intelligent communication and collision, building the uniqueness of the brand.

Systemic Big Brand Strategy

Rather than a sentence, brand position is born to be a system. Within this system, we insist on helping businesses in figuring out their vision, goal and strategies, constituting the basis for us to make strategy, mission, values, culture, personality and identity for brand.


For companies of multiple sectors, we help them classify businesses and products, with an emphasizes on goal, market, value, feature, theory.


During execution, we insist on result-oriented service, emphasizing the interaction and realization of brand and promotion, helping realizing their brand influence.


The key element is theoretical system. Our partners and us also realize that theoretical system is important for brand development. Especially when serving rational and systematic industries, what we concern should include delivering valuable thoughts for industry and society besides emphasizing projects and works.

Big Brand Strategy Create Influence

Position + Image + Content + Resource + Communication = Influence. With the guidance of tailored brand strategy, DDBranding provides excellent service to drive the growth of clients, demonstrating professional and valuable strategies with a focus on superior content. Contents and products are of great importance for enterprises, providing as a guidance of accumulating brand assets and driving business growth. Meanwhile, systematic construction and resource allocation are essential to realize the perfect combination of products and efficiency.   


When improving brand influence, we need follow the system of eight points: clear brand strategy, core brand positioning, strong brand identity, good brand image, great brand content, precise resource allocation, efficient brand communication and continuous brand building.


There are complex relations and logic among each points in this system. As our clients are professional design companies with medium scale, there are seldom differences between business goal and brand goal. Therefore, our brand development is conducted around the companies’ strategic goal, in an effort to realize brand influence with clearer strategy, positioning and image.