Taking roots in real estate, design and home furnishing industries, DDBranding is an emerging branding agency focusing on brand strategy and positioning, building and managing brand image, as well as brand design. Sticking to the core value of Big Brand Strategy, we work to achieve prestigious brand image and sustainable increment for our clients through advanced brand positioning, strategical brand curation and communication, and path-breaking brand design.

With introduce Chinese design to the global stage as our original aspiration, we are committed to the development of real estate, design and home furnishing industries. The past 5 years has witnessed our expert services to over 50 enterprises and brands, most of which have made a leap from 10-million-class company to the 100-million-class, and realized sustainable profits increment form 100 to several hundred million.


6-year organic growth


60+ top-tier companies and brands

N+ billion

10-100-N million profit increment



DDBranding is awarded the title of "China's Most Influential Design Branding & PR Company".

DDBranding is selected as the Most Influential Design Branding & PR Companies in China by the Build Architecture Awards.

DESIGN TRENDS Design Trends Officially Released

Officially lunched Design Trends (DT) which is born to be a unique design stage for real estate, design and home furnishing.

9th Dec., Design Trends Forum achieved great support from over 50 design directors of Chinese real estate groups, and over 30 founders of renowned design firms, focusing on global design trends and exploring China’s future-ready designs

Iterative version of public big brand strategy

The core logic and commercial strategic system of Big Brand Strategy were unveiled to the public in July 2020. It’s a re-creation of Chinese brands in the context of brand globalization that the theory and system of Big Brand Strategy progressively close to a higher level.

Led by China Real Estate Association, DDBranding jointly cooperated with Sina Real Estate to promote a program Real Estate & Design 1+1.

Serving Shenzhen Fashion Design Week

Worked for Shenzhen Fashion Design Week and Shenzhen Furniture Fair, Shenzhen Home Design Institute, and took on the content planning and promotion for 2020 Shenzhen International Fine Fitment Residential Exhibition.

 Served brands including Li Yizhong Interior Design, Rongor Design, Suyab Furniture, etc.

Ms. Zhu Meile won the title of mentor

Upgraded Big Brand Strategy, and publicized the application and practice of the strategic system.

Provided a groundbreaking mindset and direction to China’s brand marketing industry.

Melody was awarded as 2018 Invited Mentor and gave an academic talk in the “Masters Camp” which is known as a TED in Spatial Design field.

Served brands including ENJOYDESIGN, Zest Art, HDA Lighting Design, etc.

The first achievements of the start-up strategy model

Introduced the theoretical model of "Big Brand Strategy“ to clearly define the interaction and transformation between brand and marketing, which marks as a debut of China’s branding industry in interpreting and practicing the “Big Brand Strategy".

Won “Outstanding Contribution Award” in Chinese design industry.

Served brands including CSK Design, Panshine Design, etc.

The brand was established in Shenzhen

DDBranding was founded in Shenzhen on April 28th.

We have served brands such as G-art Design, Bluemoon Design, GND Design, etc. and helped and witnessed their professionalism getting recognized by the industry and the public.

Provide superior service, working hard to realize the success of clients.

With the guidance of valuable service, we endeavor to realize the mission and value with professional, intelligent and experienced knowledge. We regard the success of clients as our ultimate goal.

We never hold the opinion that we are in an commercial relation with clients, instead, we are integrated with clients with shared future and development.

We firmly believe that clients’ thrust is the foundation for company’s survive and development. We listen and respect clients’ opinion, in an effort to provide excellent service beyond clients’ expectation.

R&D and Practice of Big Brand Strategy in a long-term
Provide Systematic Brand Development Plan

Firmly regarding the brand strategy as one principle of business operation, we work hard to promote business development and operation while catering to commercial strategies.

Being committed to long-term service and company, we play the role as protector, supporter and defender of business brands.

With Big Brand Strategy, we provide professional systematic development service for clients with rigorous and pragmatic ways.

Establish Brand Platform, Collect Professional Wisdom

With R&D and practice of Big Brand Strategy in a long-term, we provide systematic brand development plan.

We provide excellent service with professional talents, working hard to realize the success of clients.

Establish brand platform, collecting professional wisdom and providing professional service.

Talents, the most valuable resources for a company. The hard-work and cooperation of all employees improve the development of DDbranding.

DDBranding advocates equality, respect, thrust and sincere relationships.

DDBranding provides harmonious and passionate working environment, and giving superior condition and compensation package for employees.

Establish brand platform, collecting professional wisdom, DDBranding endeavors to improve sustainable development and provide better conditions for employees.

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