Form Brand Features, Empower Brand Value

With value-oriented service in a long-term, DDBranding endeavors to provide professional, exquisite, tailored and differentiated plans and solutions for brand management and operation. We work hard to pursue success for clients, improving their brand reputation and influence.

Systematic Brand Building and Management
  • Content Planning

    Copywrite brand content to interpret brand positioning and strategy.

  • Visual Design

    Comprehensive guide to build brand visual identity, such as brand VI system, brand design, etc.

  • Strategic Regeneration & Improvement

    Provide strategic plan and systematic support to clients who are ready for brand advancement.

  • Brand Base Building &Upgrade

    Build brand base for the emerging brand and strategic support for brand growth.

  • Strategic Structure & Cultural System

    Analyze brand status and offer systematic plan, brand positioning, brand culture, etc.

  • Consultancy

    Provide suggestions, support annual consultant.

  • Brand O & M

    Realize comprehensive brand-hosted agency and input professional HR based on company’s brand growth.

  • Establish & Maintain Media Partnership

    Accumulate brand-related resource for company’s long-term growth.

  • Integrated Marketing

    Services including new media marketing, domestic and global media publication, etc.

  • PR Planning & Publication

    Services including exhibition, public promotion, events planning and managing, PR copywriting, etc.

Main Service Areas - Tailored Service
  • Strategic Brand Position

    1. Brand investigation
    2. Company strategic blueprin
    3. Brand strategic structure
    4. Brand positioning and definition

  • Brand Design

    1. Visual identity system design
    2. Visual image and application management (systematic service)
    3. Digitalization brand interaction experience
    4. Brand visual hosted service

  • Awards

    1. Awards and competition operation/submission (Real estate/Planning/Architecture/ Landscape/Interiors/FF&E)
    2. Project integrated copywriting and publication (tailored service)

  • Super IP

    1. Marketing-strength planning design
    2. Super Intellectual Property(IP)
    3. Press release and brand interaction
    4. Brand promotion

  • Publication

    Achieve effective publication and communocation for excellent designs in the felid, through over 150 domestic and neawly 60 international media in architecture, interior, furnishing, design, etc.
    1.International Media Promotion
    2.New media marketing
    3.Omni media marketing

  • PR (Curation/Press Release/Interview/ Forum)

    1. Curation (tailored service )
    2. Event Planning
    3. Relations building
    4. Event Execution
    5. Copywriting
    6. Integrated publication
    7. Media Partnership

  • Brand Operation

    1. Branding Strategy
    2. Content Copywrite
    3. New media marketing
    4. Omni media marketing
    5. Visual identity system design

Takes roots in the field of real estate, design and home furnishing, we have abundant experience in brand development and management.
We have an in-depth insight and interpretation of industry and market. With consideration of present development of enterprise, we provide systematic solutions and practical guidance covering strategy and execution.
We provide tailored solutions and practical guidance for clients with consideration of their needs and expectation.
During execution, we insist on result-oriented service, emphasizing the interaction and realization of brand and promotion, helping more than 50 enterprises enhancing their brand influence.
We also have support from more than 150 International and Chinese medias covering fields of real-estate, architecture, landscape, interior, furniture, fashion, life, urban, aviation, gaining over 80 awards from Asia, Europe and America.