Taking roots in real estate, design and home furnishing industries, DDBranding is an emerging branding agency focusing on brand strategy and positioning, building and managing brand image, as well as brand design. Sticking to the core value of Big Brand Strategy, we work to achieve prestigious brand image and sustainable increment for our clients through advanced brand positioning, strategical brand curation and communication, and path-breaking brand design.

With introduce Chinese design to the global stage as our original aspiration, we are committed to the development of real estate, design and home furnishing industries. The past 5 years has witnessed our expert services to over 50 enterprises and brands, most of which have made a leap from 10-million-class company to the 100-million-class, and realized sustainable profits increment form 100 to several hundred million.


6-year organic growth


60+ top-tier companies and brands

N+ billion

10-100-N million profit increment




Branding Expert

Researcher and developer of Big Brand Strategy system

Founder of DDBranding

Founder / Chief Editor of Design Trends (DT)

With 15-year experience in brand operation and management, Melody boasts abundant experience and expertise in the brand operation of large-sized real estate and design enterprises. She excels at realizing effective interaction among market, brand and marketing by integrating advanced strategical thinking with her international expertise and flair, coordinating overall strategical positioning with down-to-earth execution. Thanks to her commitment and operation in B2B, the Big Brand Strategy uniquely developed by Melody is a re-creation of Chinese brand in the context of brand globalization.

  • Content Planning

  • Integrated Marketing

  • Establish & Maintain Media Partnership

  • Brand O & M

  • Consultancy

  • Strategic Structure & Cultural System

  • Brand Base Building &Upgrade

  • Strategic Regeneration & Improvement

Enterprise should build brand in a systematic way and developing a professional team.It should be known that brand is the symbol of the enterprise, deserving the whole company to take care for.  
It seems like that the business of B2B or B2C is among companies, but its essence remains among people. The relations between companies and clients are connected by people via service and product.
With the brand influence as the center, it is demanded that everything from concept to execution should be accepted and favored by clients.

Establish Brand Platform, Collect Professional Wisdom

Talents, the most valuable resources for a company. The hard-work and cooperation of all employees improve the development of DDbranding.

DDBranding advocates equality, respect, thrust and sincere relationships.

DDBranding provides harmonious and passionate working environment, and giving superior condition and compensation package for employees.

Establish brand platform, collecting professional wisdom, DDBranding endeavors to improve sustainable development and provide better conditions for employees.