DDBranding takes roots in the field of real estate, design and home furnishing, as a new service organization focusing on brand strategy and positioning, brand image construction and management, and brand marketing planning. With the “Big Brand Strategy” system as the core and advanced brand positioning as the soul, DDBranding works hard to help clients establish top tier brand image in the industry, and achieve sustainable values through strategic brand communication planning and creative brand design.

Chinese Media Partners
We’ve won support from over 200 media partners and we-medias at home and abroad in the fields of airline, real estate, architecture, landscape, interiors, home furnishing, fashion, lifestyle, etc.
International Media


We have cooperated with over 90 international media in architecture, interior, home furnishing, funiture and fashion, covering the U.S.A, Singapore, Japan, korean, France, England, Italy, Spain, Australia, Dubai, etc. Introduing Chinese design to the world is the founding mission of DDBranding

Awards Partners
We’ve entered into close relations with over 90 awards at home and abroad, to boost brand strength for Chinese design brand in real estate, design and home furnishing.
Intensive Service and Targeted Communication


Rooted in real estate, design and home furnishing, the self-run design platform "DESIGN TRENDS"  of DDBranding  has cooperated with 10+ design platforms and associations in China, and design alliances in 50+ cities, while deeply connecting with over 230,000 designers in first-tier and second tier cities for targeted communication and intensive service.


A self-run design platform        

10+ industry associations   

50+ urban design unions and design operation platforms     

230,000+ modern Chinese designers